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Lior Sagol

Lior Sagol is presently Israel's top Leading evening and wedding suit designer.
Lior's uniqueness is expressed in the personal care he offers to each and every bridegroom.

lior and dorin sagol

Lior have established a one-of-a-kind bridegroom parlor which enables the groom to feel like a king on his wedding day.
Lior dresses his groom on the actual day of event as well.
Lior is the only one who can satisfy any demand made by his clients.
Lior relies on a professional staff which specializes in the field of fashion.
At the moment Lior is considered to be the main trend-setter in the suit market.
Lior believes in dedicated professional warm and loving service.
Lior imports his fabrics from the European Market and cannot be imitated since the materials he works with are unique and high-quality.
In light of his local success, Lior have started designing suits for the foreign market as well.
Lior gained a reputation as the dresser of performers and celebrities; every marrying performer comes to Lior.
Lior was chosen to dress and design the men outfits in the show Dancing with The Stars.
Despite his success he remained humble and modest.
Amont other things, Lior Sagol's wife, Dorin Sagol, designs customized shoes made specifically for wedding suits.
Any groom leaves Lior's bridegroom parlor absolutely perfect.
Lior also offers casual and trend clothing.

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